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A Journey through Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership & Management 2019-2021 (MAELM)

Walk with me as I take this journey…

Honouring Culture


Learning Leader in Training

Michael Fullan (2014) defines a “learning leader” as someone “who models learning, but also shapes the conditions for all to learn on a continuous basis”. This has been my goal as a teacher

“You need to listen to their culture, their belief system and you will understand . . . then you can help the students. Before that you can’t help them ‘cause they don’t understand you and your culture and most times your language. Listen, learn and understand.”

Mary Lee, Cree Elder (from Following their voices)

Education is Freedom

Paulo Friere

Aa a teacher interested in Critical Theory, integrating Cultural teachings into my role as an individual, Learner, Educator, and Leader in Training is vitally important to me.

About Me

A northern Saskatchewan Coast Salish woman living, working, playing and praying on Metis/Cree Territory

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